Astrology methods of prediction

  1. Chinese Future Prediction By Date Of Birth
  2. Predictions by Mundane Astrology
  3. Micro Astrology: The Mysteries of Time and Event by Saibal Ghosh

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Chinese Future Prediction By Date Of Birth

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Predictions by Mundane Astrology

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Micro Astrology: The Mysteries of Time and Event by Saibal Ghosh

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Deep Methods of Dasa Interpretation and Prediction in Vedic Astrology

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From Astrology to Predictive Analytics: Understanding how data is used to make predictions

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Thomen AA Doctors Don't Believe It. Townley J Trigg R The truth is they do. Everything that comes in the Universe deeply affects you and your life. And this is the reason why astrology came into the picture in ancient times. Curious to know more? Take a look. Astrology is an ancient science that studies the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies planets, the sun, the moon, and stars and tells you how the planets and stars affect your life.

Owing to the importance of astrology in Human life, different types of astrology are prevalent in the world. What are these and how they contribute in this divine prediction is equally inquisitive and significant. According to astrologers, in order to learn and know more about astrology, every culture has evolved its own way to study and practice it. Some of these ways are lost in the texts and some are combined to form the different astrology types, we see today.

Here is a quick glimpse of the 5 types of astrology that are popular and mostly practiced for making predictions:. Vedic astrology is the most ancient form of astrology that has been practiced for millions of years. It is said that the origin of Vedic astrology is from the Vedas. According to astrologers, the evidence and source of Vedic astrology are still present in the ancient texts, going back to to years ago. Known as Hindu or Indian astrology , this branch of astrology deals with the influence of the stars and planetary motions or positions subject to the time and effects on Humans.

By reading these charts you may know about your life events and predict the events that may affect your life. Unlike Western astrology, Vedic astrology uses the fixed zodiac signs for predicting the future. Originated in the 8th century, this unique branch of astrology is also termed as an oracle of astrology. This type of astrology uses a Horary chart which is created for the precise questionnaire moment or the time when a seeker asks a question. Place and time of question play a very important role in this type of astrology. Unlike the use of birth time in other charts, the Horary chart uses the aspect of the lunar at the time in question to form it.

In this type of astrology, you need to ask a specific question that can be answered in Yes or No. Although it is a complex form of astrology, it is famous for its quick and instant answer sharing concept. In Chinese astrology, every classic planet is associated with an element. It uses a series of 12 years in a repetitive cycle where every year signifies an animal sign.

Election astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with a period of events and their time. This astrology was used mainly for the battles where it was employed to plan the events. You may use this astrology to find the time of weddings, trips, engagements or any other important events of life.